Diversity Unplugged

What does intersectionality mean in 2021?

December 16, 2021 Season 1 Episode 16
Diversity Unplugged
What does intersectionality mean in 2021?
Show Notes

Podcast host Naomi gets real with colleagues Eddie Kaziro and Almaas Bokhari on their  journeys in navigating their intersectional identities. Listen as they talk being a POC within the queer community, feelings of isolation as well as their specific experiences of growing up within the U.K. Join us and laugh along with us as we attempt to navigate a space that is always somewhere between. 

About our guests:
Eddie Kaziro

Eddie has a broad and varied career history. Up until 2015 he worked within the entertainment industry. Eddie recently completed a masters in Contemporary Culture at the University of York where he developed a keen interest in historical and political discourse surrounding racial relations.

Almaas Bokhari


Almaas is passionate about providing the best experiences they can for clients and has had a successful career in customer success spanning numerous industries prior to joining the team. Having worked in the charity, public, and private sectors, they are adept at providing assistance in varying settings, and after spending 3 years as an NHS Health Advisor they thrive when doing this under considerable pressure.

Trigger Warning - This podcast contains references to homophobia and racism.
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