Diversity Unplugged

The why and how on DE&I in the Recruitment Industry

February 24, 2023 Diversifying Group Season 1 Episode 29
Diversity Unplugged
The why and how on DE&I in the Recruitment Industry
Show Notes

This week, Naomi co-hosts the podcast with her colleague Tobi on the Diversifying Agencies platform. Tobi is an established worker in the DE&I space (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion) and she helps shed a light on what Diversifying Agencies is and how it aims to help the recruitment world.  Together they interview clients Ella from Carrington West and Paul from 360 Staffing Solutions. Listen as they talk about what role DE&I has in the recruitment world and about their own journeys and biases. 

 For a transcript of the show, see our hosting site: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1236089/episodes

About our guests:

Ella Razzell
Ella Razzell is the Compliance Manager and Diversity & Inclusion Champion at Carrington West. She has ten years experience in Quality and Compliance management in a technical recruitment environment, and her role includes keeping abreast of relevant legislation, contracts and documentation control; managing the compliance team function; ensuring Carrington West remain ISO 9001,1400 &27001 certified

Paul McGuiness
With over 15 years recruitment experience to draw upon alongside AEoC Coaching and Activia Training certifications, Paul helps people build and grow their recruitment business within and organisation that cares passionately about it's people.

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